Dark Passenger


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lalowolz Love this work Favorite track: Night Stalker feat WXLFE (Prod Sojhi).
Track Name: Fairweather (Intro) (Prod Packman)
I'm the demon speakin heathen fuck the shit that you believe in
I'll Take all aborted children and I'll start a fuckin legion
I see you hatin from a distance I don't acknowledge I don't listen
Bitch I work within the shadows while you're on your keyboard bitchin
parasitic bunch of bitches
Why y'all actin so pretentious?
Switch up on me cause I'm different
Y'all can die this very instant ayy
stay in my own fuckin lane, hoe
You pussies just think this a game, tho
Don't fuck with you don't know your name, bro
Fuck out my face you a lame, bro
fuck with me now that I'm buzzin
But where were you when I was nothin?
I can read you like terrots they treat me like Pharaohs but bitch I can tell that you bluffin
the tables have turned now you nothin
I have no one I can trust in
Except for the bitch that I'm fuckin I came up from nothin but now I am somethin.. fuck em
Track Name: Empty Promises (Prod Sojhi)
fuck you and all that that you claimed, bitch
You talkin but we know you ain't, shit
Promise and promise get fuckin demolished
I hope you get hog tied and raped, bitch
gassin us up bitch you're all out of luck
Ending your life cause I don't give a fuck
got nothin to lose when it comes to the bucks
If you get in my way then it's knuck if you buck
shattered your skull now you're leakin, ay
Demonic Ebonics I'm speakin, ay
Stayin low key bitch I'm creepin, ay
you can just choke on my semen, ay
You ain't nothin but a fan girl bitch..
get fisted like a fucking pig..
Remove your fuckin hymen say goodbye to ever havin kids.. ayy..
never again will I trust in a fake..
Make a path in my own way..
never trust a fucking word they say..
Make a path in your own fucking way..

Yeah.. fuck em.. all.. kill em slow..
Track Name: Dark Passenger feat OMENXIII (Prod Sudzy)

King of demons causing damage, Swing my blade and then you vanish,
ravaging the contents of your mind cuz I control the masses.
banishing thoughts of the coffin, I will never be out of options.
I have no need to fear death if it will end the suffering of being boxed in.

Born in the shadows, I rose from the grave of enlightenment
There is no light in me, I'm a catastrophe.
Dying to live, I'm a living hypocrisy.

Living in democracy so called equality for everybody
I'm not on the same page,
I'm not in the same book, or even in the same language.
Words made of blades made to vanquish.


screaming inside am I losing my mind?
Peel back the flesh just to see what I'll find
I am the entity filled with the energy strong enough to make the planets align
wake up you're drenched from the terror and sweats
Your heart feels like it's beating out of your chest
You see me above you you're getting no rest
anxiety rising you don't know what's next
yeah.. I am the one that always haunts your dreams..
In the shadows I am crowned the king
I wake up every mornin feeling like I'm Dexter Morgan
No emotions, no controlling, till the blood is all that's pourin
It's a special kinda of hell when you wanna die but you're afraid of death
I'm not afraid of pain I'm just afraid of what might happen next
this demons never leavin still deceiving all my fucking dreams
Haunting me and causing me to have these thoughts it fucking seems
my dark passenger has got to end..
All my life I've always been condemned..
I don't want to feel this way
Something needs to change
Should I just blow my brains?
I don't want to die today
I need to change my ways
Sit back and burn my sage
Track Name: Dead Crow (Prod Sourboys)
I can't fuck with a mark ass bitch
Wanna run ya mouth talkin all that shit
Everybody wanna rap but they can't make hits
You ain't puttin in work bitch you bout to fall quick
I can't stand most these motha fuckin kids
Hopin on dicks like they hopin on trends
I don't fuck with you don't fuck with your friends
I just stick to myself I don't need to pretend ay
I dont fuck with snakes, chop the head off a serpent
I see you pussies watchin, why the fuck yall always lurkin?
beggin for some features I can see that ya hurtin yuh
Come at me with some fuck shit best believe I'm fuckin curvin yuh
I tailored my coat never ridin on tails
I don't give a fuck cause I'm rotting in hell
We're all dying slowly so y'all can all blow me
You're holding me back when I need to accel ayy
run up.. on me.. or get.. ran up.. on..
Run the.. fade or.. just leave.. me alone..

I'll go postal like I'm Jay
let the ak fuckin spray
Casualties all in my way but that shit made my fuckin day
take the blade,Feel my rage
Release me from this fuckin cage
Fuck these lames, fuck these lames
I've paved my way just to decay, ayy
take the blade,Feel my rage
Release me from this fuckin cage
Fuck these lames, fuck these lames
I've paved my way just to decay, ayy
Track Name: FTW (Prod Empty)
I'm screaming fuck the world you're all a waste
I smoke my weed to deal with all these motha fuckin fakes
You chase the xans and front like you're so motha fuckin based
You hate on come ups but you need to learn your fuckin place, you act like this shits all a race
ice inside my fucking veins
Cold hearted since I started bitch that's never changed
stay in my fuckin lane I always stay the same
Never switch up never change no one can feel my pain, I'm breaking out these fucking chains
reside in the dark bitch I've turned to a ghost
No one can see me, invisible cloak
Spiritual rituals make me not physical leaving my body while I start to roast
posted up with demons you can't see them but believe me when I tell you they'll come at you faster than the change of seasons
I'm in hades, with yo bitch, collars tied around her wrists
Blood stains smeared across my lips, carved her chest with triple six
castin spells and fuckin witches reading terots not religious
Switch positions like magicians dress the dead like a mortician ay
ignite the flame then I jump in the pit
Fuck the world this place ain't shit
Takin my life and I'm goin out quick
Run up in hell just to hit up a lick

ignite the flame then I jump in the pit
Fuck the world this place ain't shit
Taking my life and I'm goin out quick
Run up in hell just to hit up a lick
Track Name: Angry Reacts Only feat Gizmo (Prod Babe)

Ain't it funny how nobody was fuckin wit me here locally
Now they all up on me made myself a fuckin prodigy
got these bitches thinkin why the hell don't TORCHFVCE fuck wit me
Cause where the fuck was y'all when I was really out here struggling
I worked hard and it paid off
Never took no days off
Yo bitch takin her panties off
Then she text you say you laid off
bitch I'm still broke but my bills paid
I'm cool with that cause I'm self made
Your parents still payin ya way and ya daddys dick is where ya lips stayed
I'm smokin dead bodies got cremations in my ash tray
Try and run up on me best believe that it's ya last day
leave your body in the sewers where the fuckin rats stay
Everything was handed to you but today you came in last place
We were not the kids that grew up makin a's b's
We're the kids that jugged the store for packs of triple c's
The fuck ups skippin class just to smoke some fuckin weed
And were the ones you mother fuckas swore would not succeed
Track Name: Night Stalker feat WXLFE (Prod Sojhi)

fuck a fanboy bitch I've now said it twice
Blinding your eyes while I'm gripping the knife
Struggle for breath bitch you fight for your life I'm still one with my demons boy look at my eyes
still that pissed, mother fucker Torchfvce still my fucking name
Never switched up on my homies Torchfvce always stayed the same
you said that we were nothing and that we would never be shit
Now we on the come up killin shows you still don't mean shit
fans across the globe we done glo'ed up like a an aura
Talkin shit all on my team then watch me pop off like aurora
Track Name: Nuketown (Prod Deadalive)

I hate this place, I hate this town
Everything's turned upside down

Sit with me and watch the city burn


I just wanna watch my city burn
The same mistakes seems they will never learn
I don't know it has come to this
It didn't used to be like this
Everyone's so fucking fake
Taking drugs and stay up late
hate low key nice to my face
I can't stand this fucking place

Track Name: 2005 (Prod Deadalive)
So tell me where I go from here..
Everything is so unclear
I'm still tryna find myself
All my actions were a cry for help
questions that I feel inside
Why'd you go get clean then die
I just wanna feel alive..
I guess you did it for your pride
Now I'm left with all this pain and strife
tried looking to the sky to find
Some answers or a fucking sign
but I came to the decision
That I'm losing my religion
Cause all the signs that I was given
Proved that "god" just wouldn't listen so..

take me back.. to 2005
when you were still alive
I don't wanna cry
But it hurts deep inside me
Take me back.. I am lost unfound
Cause you are not around
I hope Ive made you proud
I hope you're safe and sound now